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Important Changes for New Jersey State Inspections in 2016

Here’s what you need to know about upcoming changes to New Jersey state inspections. The first change is commercially registered vehicles no longer will undergo their initial inspections in the state lane. They’ll be required to have all inspections performed at a private inspection facility.

Under the new rules, passenger-registered vehicles can still be inspected initially at the state lanes. However, if your vehicle fails the state-lane inspection for emissions (the only thing New Jersey inspects), you’ll be required to go to an emissions-repair facility to have repairs done or perform repairs yourself, as long as you can provide documentation and parts receipts related to those repairs. In both cases, you’ll no longer be able to use the state lanes for re-inspection. Instead, you’ll need to take your car and your repair paperwork to a private inspection facility.

The last change will certainly be a welcome change to those it affects. Beginning this summer, all 1995 and older vehicles will be exempt for New Jersey inspections. That’s just one thing car collectors and hot-rod enthusiasts can cross off their annual must-do lists!
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