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No longer for sale- 2005 Elise, Arctic Silver with red interior.

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Offered at $28,500.

VIN# SCCPC11155HL32767

Touring Pack
Sport Pack
Hardtop & Touring Softtop
10,000 Miles (just under) < updated
Fresh Toyo R888’s
Stage-II Exhaust
B&M Shifter
Sector111 RTD brace
Sector111 Harness bar with four point harness
Sector111 Safecraft Extingisher (red)
Sector111 Bootie
Sector111 Bollock Shift Knob
Sector111 microMirror

I love this Elise and hate to sell but it is hard for me to justify the financial commitment required for a car I drive only a couple of times a month.

Body and paint is in great shape (yes it does have some nicks and scratches). Runs good, shifts fine. I’d give it a solid 8.5/9.0 on the old 1-10 scale.

Only drawback I can think of is the fact that the front clam was replaced a few months back when I ran out of talent on an off ramp. The repairs were preformed by European Motor Car Works in Santa Ana to a very high standard. All damage was cosmetic with no crash structure or under carriage issues found. Even with these repairs the CarFax comes back clean.

Be advised the Elise is financed through Orange County Teachers FCU. And any purchase will require working with them for payoff and title.

The Elise is located in Costa Mesa, California and is available for inspection just about anytime.

Questions? PM me here or I can be reached at [email protected]


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Great question, these photos were taken before the clam was replaced and yes the old front end had some damage there.

With the new clam in place that is no longer an issue. I expect there are a few scrapes on the underside of the new front end but nothing that can be seen from above.

Photos of the damaged clam after replacement can be found here:

I can take more detailed and current pics for anyone interested in a purchase. But these photos do show the car well.

Of course viewing the Elise in person is the best option.
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Thought I'd post some pics taken yesterday while at the top of Tuna Canyon. Had a blast with the Elise. It's time for someone else to enjoy the canyons with this car.


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Bump for a new lower price of $28,500.
Now withdrawn from the market. I have had a blast driving the Elise lately and have changed my mind regarding selling it.
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