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Non -LSS tires for LSS rims

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I know this has probably been discussed, but I'm not sure this specific question has been asked. I'm going to get the sport package since people have said it does not seem that stiff and I do plan on doing several autocross events. I will also use this as a daily driver so I would like the non-LSS tires to put on the LSS rims. I know they are different sizes but will there be a similar tire that we can put on the LSS rims? I mainly want a tire that will last longer with better wet condition performance.
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If it's been discussed, it was probably in the Suspension section of the forum.

I would suggest looking at tires like the Bridgestone S-03, Pirelli PZero Nero, Goodyear GS-D3, Toyo T1-S, or even checking to see if the Advan AD-07 will be available in the LSS front tire size. The Tire Rack web site is a great resource for this kind of search.
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