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OK, am taking a shot at listing the open track days for NorCal. The two big ones have only open there calendar for most of the summer, so will cover that much for now.

As things change in the months to come, will try to keep this updated. Feel free to let me know of any new days that come up.

Pulled this from:

Sears Point:
Infineon Raceway | Schedule | Complete Schedule

Laugna Seca:
Track Rental 2009

Event Schedule

Laguana Seca:
Feb 12 (Thu) Hooked on Driving
Feb 16-17(Mon-Tue) Audi Car Club
Feb 25 (Wed) Green Flag Racing

March 18 (Wed) Hooked on Driving

April 7 (Tue) On the Edge Track Days
April 8 (Wed) Trackmasters
April 13 (Mon) NCRC
April 20 (Mon) Checkered Flag
April 30 (Thu) Porsche Club/Trackmaster

May 25-26 (Mon- Tue) Shelby Club- Cancelled
May 27 (Wed) Trackmasters

June 8 (Mon) Porsche Club/Trackmaster

Sept. 14 (Friday) Trackmaster

Oct. 26 ( Monday) Hooked on Driving

Dec. 18 (Friday) Trackmaster

Infineon Raceway
02/14/2009 - 02/15/2009 NASA

03/01/2009 Checkered Flag Club
03/07/2009 - 03/08/2009 BMW Club
03/19/2009 - 03/20/2009 Track Master
03/21/2009 - 03/22/2009 NASA

05/04/2009 Track Master
05/05/2009 Checkered Flag Club

06/27/2009 - 06/28/2009 NASA

07/04/2009 - 07/05/2009 Hooked on Driving

08/29/2009 - 08/30/2009 Shelby Club

10/03 - 10/04/09 Audi Club
10/8-9 (Thu/Fri)- Speed Ventures
10/10 - 10/11/09 GGR Porsche Club
10/23 (Fri)- Track Master
10/24 - 10/25/09 NASA Porsche Club
10/31 - 11/01/09 BMW Club

11/6 (Fri)- Track Master
11/07 - 11/08/09 NASA
11/21 (Sat) - Track Master
11/22/09 Checkered Flag Racing

Feb.1,20- Hooked On Driving Spring Training

March 20 - Hooked On Driving
March 27-29- Porsche Club

April 3- TEAM
April 11- Speed Ventures
April 16,17- Hooked On Driving
April 18,19- Shelby Club
April 24- Track Master
April 24, 25- NASA
April 25, Volvo Club

May 15- Hooked On Driving
May 27- GGLC
May 29- Track Master
May 30, 31- NASA

June 6,7- Hooked On Driving
June 26- Hooked On Driving

July 14- GGLC
July 17- Hooked On Driving-Ferrari and Friends

Aug 1,2 -Porsche Club
Aug 8,9- BMW Club
Aug 14- Hooked On Driving
Aug 21- Track Master
Aug 22,23- NASA
Aug 28-TEAM

3. Golden Gate Lotus Club
4. Diablo Region PCA
5. GGR Porsche Club
6. GGR Porsche Club
7. Pacific Track Time
8. Thunderhill Lapping Days
11. Track Masters
18. Hooked On Driving
19. Hooked On Driving / Thunder Drift
20. River City BMW M/C / Thunder Drift
21. Pacific Track Time
25. Northern California Racing Club
26. Green Flag Racing - Cancelled
28. Checkered Flag Racing

2. Track Masters
9. Hooked On Driving
16. TEAM
17. Shelby Club
18. Shelby Club
19. Pacific Track Time
26. Checkered Flag Racing
30. Hooked On Corvettes

2. Pacific Track Time
3. Thunderhill Lapping Days
5. The Volvo Club
6. Northern California Racing Club
13. T.E.A.M.
14. Hooked On Driving

3-4 NASA
12 Hooked On Driving

Updated 8/25/09 add THill Dec and Laguana Sept - Dec. dates and updates

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Great resource. Thank you!

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was it ever listed? I checked the HOD site as soon as Larry posted this thread, and it wasnt listed. My guess is that David doesnt list evvents so far in advance. I'm with HOD this weekend. I'll ask hime directly.

07/04/2009 - 07/05/2009 Hooked on Driving

This one is no longer listed on the HOD website :sad:

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How come so few people/groups do track days at Laguna Seca? I'm envious you guys can track year round.

Hey Feff!

I'll take a crack at this... There are 3 conspiring influences on Laguna that limit the number of days the track can operate.

1) Neighbors vs Track - Noise from the track is has become a huge issue. Thus the compromise with home owners in the surrounding area is to reduce or limit the number of days the track can operate. Let's just say the track was there before people started building homes within shouting distance... :(

2) Skippy School - Skip Barber is the resident driving school and gets a significant number of the inventory of available days.

3) County Park - Laguna is a part of a Monterey County Park and there are other events that take place at the track that are no car related. For example a few years ago the Pope held a giant Mass there!

So, track days for clubs and manufacturers (like Mazda and others that test and shoot ads) come after that and get the leftovers.


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Kiyoshi, guess I could run there on a Sunday just after mass was over! :D

Seems there's a lottery system one must enter into to get dates at Laguna Seca. This is great if you don't have a date, but a nightmare to plan one's annual schedule.

HMMMMM Laguna Seca in 2010.......

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