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Hey, I heard about this great upcoming gallery show! It features 2 artists: a local photographer and sculptor. This is the first big show for the photographer, and this is a great opportunity to get in early on an up and coming artist. :clap: The sculptor does really great pieces too. Opening night is May 16.

And, oh yeah, I'm the photographer. :D

See here for more (minimal) info. You can't show all the photos before the show, can you? Regardless of that, seeing the real prints beats up bigtime on seeing anything on the web.


Another reason to come out May 16-18 is to get in on Art-a-Whirl, NE Mpls' big annual art fest with studio tours, open houses, whatever. It's really a big laid-back party. I went to Art-a-Whirl before I ever thought about selling photos. See this link for more info:

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association

So come on down, see some prints and sculpture, roam around the general NE area, get some food, absorb the vibe, see what else I do when I'm not stopping the kids from gnawing on the car, propose some theories about what I'm trying to say via my work :rolleyes:, or just do something different for a change.

Oh hey, one more plug, as long as I'm laying out your plans for the weekend: When you're up there, stop at Uncle Franky's for food. Chicago dogs, burgers, my favorite place in the city.

Uncle Franky's
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