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Just cause there was a little vagary herabouts

As usual the parts manual is the most useful resource.

After taking the intercooler and associated plumbing off, unbolt the supercharger. It hangs off the intake with two bolts, one from each side of the car. A diagonal bracket bolts on with the clutch slave cylinder. Two bolts on the front nose bracket, one to the alternator, one to the engine.

I unbolted the throttle body and left it in the car, no coolant spills. It doesn't quite come off the studs until you actually pull the supercharger out. There are several oil vent lines, fuel vent lines etc that need to get detached.

removing the fuel injector rail allows you to move the wiring harness and gain access to the top bolts and center bottom bolts. Removing the fuel pump fuse and cranking should stop fuel spraying everywhere. mine is all in one piece so I don't know if there is any pressure.

now the top bolts are easy to get at.

The center bottom bolt I can only get to with a long gooseneck or offset 12mm wrench. If the engine was out of the car, you could reach it from underneath, but even a 1/4 drive with a universal joint doesn't want to get on it. Standard combination wrench would not get on the bolt head. This has limited angle, but once it is loose, you can unthread it with your fingers.

For some reason the front bolt on mine is a 10mm head unlike the other 4 which are 12mm head. It is easy to put your hand on but hard to get a wrench on.

This is a pivoting ratcheting box wrench in the third image


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