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Hi, I'm from bimmerforums, I'm planning a monthly get together that i would like to extend an invitation to. I want to organize a meet on Thursday, November 18th, a week before Thanksgiving, at the Tustin Market Place in front of the old Ikea at 6pm. But I don't want this to just be a meet, I want to have "Food Drive".

If everyone could please bring with them a couple cans of food to donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank. it could really make a difference. 456,000 people in Orange County won't have enough food this month. As OC residents, I know this seems far-fetched, but it is true, and many of these people are seniors and children. Unfortunately, food banks are unable to meet needs to feed these people. By donating just a little bit of extra food, you can make a family's thanksgiving this year. This will be a great way to give back to our community, and have some fun in the process. Canned food and non-parishable food (think mac and cheese) are the most needed. If you forget to bring your cans of food, monitary donations are also needed to buy food. Every 1 dollar buys about 12 dollars of food worth wholesale, so even a little makes a big difference.

After everyone arrives with the food (We will wait until 7) someone will bring the food to one of the food bank locations. I will talk to this person about staying late to make sure that stragglers have a chance to drop off their donations. At 7 we will leave on a drive, hence the name: the food drive. The drive will be a nice loop around OC. Jamboree to Santiago Canyon to El Toro, to Laguna Canyon, to PCH, and back up Jamboree. This will NOT be a canyon run! A calm cruise, all egos will be left in the parking lot, or you will be asked to leave. Like i said, i want this to be a monthly event, and getting the cops attention on the first meet is not the way to make this work.

Please, link this to other forums you are a part of as well, if we could get a good showing of people and a decent donation of food, it would be great.

Here is the address and a map of the Tustin Market Place:
2777 El Camino Real Tustin, CA 92782-8908

we are already going to have a nice showing of bimmers and WRXs and perhaps a Porsche or two as well.
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