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I have a 2010 Exige 260 Sport.

I had a great day at Oregon Raceway Park on Saturday that was interrupted mid-run by what seems to be an interruption in fuel delivery. The car had a rough time starting for 3 sessions, but ran fine. Finally, on the 4th session, the car started missing, and pressing the gas would do nothing. I finally had to coast off the track and get towed in. Once off track, hitting the started just makes the motor crank without actually starting the car.

I just had the Radium Engineering Surge Tank installed last week. While this was being done, the shop found that the wiring behind the start button (which sounds like it's close to the CDL) was shorting. They fixed that issue then.

I've checked:

- Fuel Pump Fuse - It's not blown.
- "Ignition Services" fuse in the front box (Number 7) per It's not blown.
- Inertia Switch - As far as I can tell, it's fine. Pressing it does not change the situation. I'm not sure what it looks like when it's "popped".
- Wiring on the inertia switch - Thought maybe when the surge tank was installed that the wiring loom may be loose, but it seems to be fine.

When I put the key in the ignition and hit the immobilizer button, I can certainly hear the pump in the surge tank priming, but I can't hear the pump in the fuel tank. I'm not sure if that's because the surge tank pump is so much louder, or if that's because the factory pump isn't being activated.

Based on the timing of the failure (I made it another 15 seconds after the car started to sputter), my theory is that the stock fuel pump isn't activated, so the surge tank delivered whatever fuel it had left internally before the car died entirely.

I also noticed this new oddity while I was trouble shooting tonight. I have the trunk and both front access hatches open, so the sensors there are open as well. While that is the case, if I hit the "lock" button on the key fob, the alarm chirps at me, but the doors don't change status. This became a problem when I tried to open the door and the whole alarm system went off.

So, my questions:

Any ideas as to what's going on, or what I should do next? I'd prefer to avoid a trip to the dealer if it's something goofy I can fix at home.

Is there a way to disable the alarm / immobilizer entirely by pulling fuse 11?

Would the immobilizer be able to prevent the fuel pump from working, even though the surge tank is getting power?


- Jesse
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