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Whch Date Works best

  • Sunday April 12th

    Votes: 5 41.7%
  • Sunday April 19th

    Votes: 7 58.3%

Official Lotus Drive before it gets TOO HOT!!!

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:nanner:Alright guys, we are overdue for a nice large group drive!

Mostly my fault as I know it was part my fault we never made it to Salt River Canyon on the last one!

Either way here it is! Either Sunday April 12th or Sunday April 19th!

Where should we go as well?? Salt River Canyon?

Lets get a large group together so tell your fellow Lotus friends and lets get this rolling before it gets HOT outside!

Feel free to email me at [email protected] with questions or just PM me here.:shift:
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I will be in town

Leave so how about the 19th.........that would be so nice!!
I prefer the 19th but either one is fine.
Alright lets plan on the 19th as it is plenty far out for everyone to make the plans for it and this way we can let Andy come along while he is on leave!!

Lets get some more people on the list though, tons of views here and only 2 replies:shrug:, come on guys lets go!!!
Wish I could join you! Utah is still not quite close enough for me to participate unfortunately. Also I find it funny that it's only March and you guys are already thinking about getting too hot! Salt Lake is just now starting to thaw out! :coolnana:
I voted for the 12th but I'm available for the 19th as well.
I am in for the 19th....I will be out of town on the 12th. Looking forward to it!
12th would work for me, the B.E.A.T. tour is April 18 & 19 this year.
I moved here from Seattle in January and am itching to take my Exige out for a group drive. Let's do this!
Sounds good here peeps!!

Looks like the 19th is going to be the date! Who else can we get to join us here? Lets get the word out to all of our Lotus owners, call your friends etc....

Which route do we want to take? Do we want to try and redo the Salt River Canyon run or do an old stand by up north?

Lets get some opinions and make this happen.:shift:
My vote is for the Salt River Canyon, I have never been there. Of course heading up Prescott way is always a good drive, I would just come down and meet everyone in Congress again.

I will try and come up with a route map today or tomorrow and post it up.

Lets work on a meeting point somewhere out East preferably a Starbucks or some coffee shop close to a gas station, I need Caffeine in the AM or I ma not make the whole drive;)

Starting to get excited about this guys, lets get some more people!!
yeah, but if you're driving a Lotus, you won't have any place to put the cup? :D

you taking a porsche or something?
You never can tell what I may be driving buddy! :nanner2:
Maybe I should just ride with you. rotfl
Your crazy man, you gotta drive your own car! I'd prolly scare ya anyway ;)

you are riding behind me the whole time so I can test your starshield! NO excuses this time!

Someone tell me if this is the Right drive for Salt River Canyon, it is Labeled as Roosevelt Dam on a different forum so I am unsure.

I believe the last Salt River Canyon drive, that didn't happen, had us continuing up Hwy 60 through Globe all the way to Show Low. Then heading west on 260 to Payson and south on 87 back to the valley. About half way up Hwy 60 , road goes through the Salt River Canyon overlook. It is a much longer loop than the trip past Roosevelt Lake. Take a look and see what you think. Looking forward to the drive!
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