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Here is the retail pricing for the PPE header as I promised earlier:

Stainless steel using Burn's Stainless collector: $1899.00
Stainless steel using comparable collector: $1699.00
Stainless steel test pipe: $199.00
Stainless steel high flow catalytic converter: $329.00

Mild steel using Burn's collector: $1299.00
Mild steel using comparable collector: $1099.00
Mild steel test pipe: $150.00
Mild steel high flow catalytic converter: $275.00

Group buy pricing has been ironed out and will be announced in a new thread. If you're interested in being an "early adopter" PM me and I'll give you the GB pricing.

We will be offering mil-spec coatings in one color only (semi-gloss black). The header will be coated inside and out and be of the same quality that the header itself is crafted with. Pricing is TBD on the coatings.

Before you guys start bitching about the "Lotus Tax" or any other BS that this forum likes to stir up (yes I'm being blunt) please try to look at it from my shoes. I'm making one part here. It's had a TON of time into the R&D. It takes 16-20 man hours to create one. The margins are still very thin as we are trying to stay competitive.

Competitive advantages of this header:

- Very high quality
- Produced by reputable 2ZZ tuner
- Has a support brace that bolts to factory spot
- Uses factory style flex joint
- Equal length, tuned runners engineered by Burn's Stainless
- Stepped runners

Supercharged header version:

- Larger primaries
- Custom designed for the BWR supercharger kit


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can I purchase just the test pipe?
Yes, but it won't bolt to the stock header. If you wanted to cut and flange your stock b-pipe then you could make it work. A muffler shop could do that for maybe $100 or so.

FLuXeXigeS: Yes it will work with the 07S. Don't have any dyno charts for a factory supercharged car yet. If you wanted to purchase one and dyno it for us I'll give you a discount on the price.

Here it is on a completely stock NA Elise:

The header really shines on the top end under lift augmenting the Lotus' power band. It also doesn't lose any low-end which was very nice. A rough estimate on the power gains are in the area of +5%. So estimate 11 hp increase if you have 220 hp.
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