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Oil changes?

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Randy, can you find out where the oil filter and plug are and if we will be able to take off a plate and change it ourselves?
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You will be able to change the oil yourself with alittle extra work.

You just have to jack up the car and get the undertray off first.

I put my whole car on stands when I change the oil - others just lift one side and do it that way.

Not the easiest car to change the oil, but it's no different than any other once you get the undertray off.
Will the plug and filter be in the same area on the Yota engine as it is on your Exige?
The lump sits in the same spot so it will be in the same general vacinity.

Any way you work it you'll have to take the tray off.
The federal version has twin oil coolers. Did they hook them up thru a sandwich plate setup or did they relocate the oil filter elsewhere?
Since the oil coolers are up front it would be nice if the filter was moved up there under one of the panels within easy reach. The battery was moved to the trunk to make room for the oil coolers, so I dont know if there would be enough room.

I might be easier to disconnect an oil cooler hose and drain it that way, but then you still need to change the filter. And it might still have an underbody panel in the way. If the cooler line hose is lower than the drain pan wouldnt the oil flow to the lowest point?
toyota filters?

updating an old thread:

I would assume the OEM Toyota filter will work for our Elise motor, right?

My car is a couple of weeks away but this question just popped into my head.

I've always done my own oil changes and routine maintenance. I know others will swear by aftermarket brands for filters and whatnot, but I've always placed my trust in original manuracturer's part.

Does the owner's manual spec a toyota oil filter???
I'm sure it's a Lotus branded filter but would think it would be same as the Toyota.

yes it is the same oil filter as the Toyota. It was suggested by one dealership to get mine from a Toyota dealership since I live so far away from a Lotus dealership.
For heavens sake don't buy it from the dealer, $15 for a $6 dollar filter is a little crazy. My one experience with a dealer for the 1000 mile check up has cured me of Lotus dealers. Unless it is warranty work for no charge they have seen the last of me! Man I thought BMW dealers were over the top, they could take a lesson from Lotus.
my first service listed the oil filter at $25
i buy my toyota filters for less than 4 dollars each. I just look for dealer coupons that I get from 3 local dealers every couple of months (we have an mr2 and highlander). Dealers also advertise in the local "Advertiser" paper in SF.

There's also a dealer in NY, if I remember correctly, that gives a good discount when you buy 6 filters. I know they used to advertise in the back of some auto magazines, but I can't think of their name right now.
The Toyota parts counter here is like a fairy tale. Helpful people, good computer lookups, open on weekends, and very earthly prices.

I think I pay less than $4 for V6 Toyota filters, and that's before coupon discounts.

Thankfully our Elise has no HEPA air filter. :)
I was charged $18.99 for my filter at the 1,000 mile service.

It sure looks like a Toyota part to me:

Anyone know if there is a significant difference with the TRD filter?


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