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what did you do? or what would you do with the front clam off for oil line replacement. :bow:

S111 proRAD
new radHOSES?
top mounted fans?

S111 ONEcoolerLINES or ULTRAliteLINES or an alternative?

I want to start collecting parts...

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nearest authorised dealer to Phoenix is.....

340+ miles in SD, so its get it done locally on my own dime or deal with the logistics of getting it to SD and back


You are correct; there is currently not a Dealer in Arizona although we are working to get one.

At this point your closest Dealer would be in San Diego.

Lotus of San Diego
7820 Balboa Dr
San Diego CA


Kind Regards,

Ron Mann
Customer Services
&Warranty Manager
Lotus Cars USA, INC.
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