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Oil temp sensor for dashdaq?

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i have bought a dashdaq and i would like to use a sensor for oil temp.
i'm having a problem getting/finding a make and part number to order one.
yes, it's 0-5 volt input but i hate to have to buy just any unit and find out it isn't compatible.
the mechanical part isn't important, i'll put the corresponding spud in the pan.
has anyone any experience with this?
thanks, sam
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I use the one that came with my Defi, just about any sensor will work so long as you know the voltage to temperature scale, and that the dashdaq can be programmed for it, and of course fits !

if i recall egauges sell them seperately.
Temperature Senders -

drewtech are a pretty friendly bunch, drop them an email and i'm sure they'll help you out.
thanks, charlie, i didn't seem to be getting thru to drewtech.
response is
"Most people get autometer sensors and GM 3-bar maps for boost. There are a few ways to setup sensors in DashDAQ. You can configure an analog input with a linear equation. We also have a non-linear driver where you can setup non-linear signals. There’s also a scaling driver where you can rescale signals or derive values from two different signals. "

so those ones i pointed ought to be ok, since you can punch in the equations
thanks charlie, you're a jewel.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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