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I have been discussing the possibility of a combined MR2-Elise meet next year. I think June. In Topeka, center of the nation.

Positives. We would get the use of a great racetrack and also Forbes Field. Costs and work would be shared with the MR2 folks.

Negatives. It is a long way from everyone except babak who lives in Topeka. Since a lot of people live on the coasts, that is a drive of 1000-1500 miles each way. I really question how many people beyond a few would do that.

Anyway, I don't know if we will do this. It is being talked about. It would be a Club111-ClubMR2 meet.

Otherwise, it might make more sense to do a coastal thing. One east coast autocross and one west coast. On the west coast, perhaps Northern California or maybe Las Vegas. Las Vegas is close enough to most people and affords other reasons to go, and it's easy enough to rent a track at LVMS. Or heck, Lake Tahoe was awesome at the WCLM. Maybe we can do something like that again? Lots of possibilities.

But we may still do Topeka next June. Maybe.
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