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OK I want more front neg camber...

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All shims out. Still only get -1.0 deg both sides. Everyone says machine vall joint carrier (rectangular block to which the hub carrier bolts. In the parts diags, this is group 31.03 key #4. If the pic is accurate, it looks like this block is drilled off center for the ball joint. Is this true? If so, can it be rotated 180 degrees, making it shorter toward the outside then shimmed to correct geometry, rather than milling off the outer surface?


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Your title says you're looking to reduce camber at the front corners, but that's a diagram of the rear suspension parts.
First-the image you posted is rear suspension, second-there are simpler ways to get this done. There a nuber of aftermarket steering arms out there that provide for addition negative camber and bolt right in. I personally have V2 arms on my car which provide more than enough adjustment, but there are other choices.
Thanks. My booboo. Yes I inadvetanly printout the rear susp. OK Going by the correct pic here, do I mill part #4 or #1?
Oh and Sector 111. Sry Not gonna pay $200 for 10 min on a Bridgeport. I 'm only taking about 2.00mm mill (0.5 deg).


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Item 4 gets milled
All shims out. Still only get -1.0 deg both sides.
I wish I could get that much. :-(
Part 4.

I did mine 5mm, gives me around 2+ deg.

If you are going to do this, save time and frustration, order a set of bolts (5 & 6)

I seem to always booger mine up when I remove them.
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