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One black cloth Elise seat FS

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Seat has been sold.

I have one black cloth Elise seat for sale.

I recently bout it on Ebay, it is in perfect shape (see pics) (fixed link) sorry

Right after I bought the cloth one (though it was advertised as leather), I found someone here on Elisetalk selling a set of black leather seats.

I bought the set of seats, planning to put them in my Esprit. I figured that my friend might want the extra one. Well he wants black leather to go with the black leather in his black Esprit.

I actually like the feel of the cloth (grippier), but as I have a matched set of the leather ones, I will stick with those.

So one black cloth 2005 Elise seat for sale!
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How cheap?

Link to pic does not work and did not see an old ebay auction for one.

Does it come with rails?

Drivers or passenger?
I'd be interested as well...cost?:shrug:
I fixed the link above, sorry about that. There are more pictures there as well.

I believe it is a driver's side, the squeeze bulb for the lumbar is on the left.

Sorry there are no rails included, I would have liked to have them myself.

The seat is in very good condition with no rips. If you want more pictures I can take more.

I bought it for $229 +shipping. That is all I ask.
PM Sent earlier today
I was going to buy it for the rails, I am out . . .
Seat has been sold. Thanks for your interest.
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