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HOLY SHIP !!!!-eek-

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It will go fast but not for long...

Top Ten things about this Esprit:
  1. The blinking light on top is actually one headlight bouncing
  2. It is an environmental hazard as it tends to leak oil, especially if it sits in port too long
  3. Several windows leak
  4. The larger engine varant tends to overheat even when surrounded by water
  5. The older varants tend to catch fire in shallow waters
  6. The onboard electronics randomly fail :tadts:
  7. Parts from JAE are delivered even slower than normal (Sorry Jeff:rolleyes:)
  8. Tug boat / Tow boat - you'd better get AAA
  9. With a Hatch you think it would be able to hold more
  10. Your never done fixing it

Sorry guys... somebody had to do it.
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