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Only 2009 4.2 Mile VIR Grand East Weekend Track Event

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Track Event - 4.2 mile VIR Grand East June 13-14, 2009

The ONLY VIR Grand East weekend event for Automobiles in 2009.

With less than 26 spots remaining, the Grand East at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) provides a chance to drive one of the longest world class road course in North America.

The hard to come by Grand East at VIR is a technically challenging racetrack, featuring 4.2 miles in length, an incredible 34+ turns with multiple elevation changes in excess of over 600’ in but just one lap.

The Grand East course is literally a roller coaster track with elements of two courses combined, a tight configuration of the Patriot Course and the wide open Full course combined into one. High speed uphill climbing esses, blind drops, cascading rollercoaster spiral downhills, over 34 turns, and many undulations that take years to master.

VIR has consistently been rated as one of the top six road courses in America. A world class race facility to drive.

The Grand East track map: track events feature:
-- Two-day High-Speed Drivers Education (Saturday & Sunday)
-- Drive your own vehicle at speed in a safe controlled environment
-- High-Caliber Instructors assigned to students for on-course sessions

-- Professional Classroom instruction each day
-- Run groups and Classroom sessions tailored to experience levels
-- Eight 26 minute sessions for the weekend, or 3.4 hours of on-track time

-- Most students qualify for solo driving after demonstrating basic safety skills and appropriate on-course behavior
-- Registration is available for both Mazda and non-Mazda vehicle owners

Photos, videos of MazdaDriverS participants enjoying themselves at past events are online. Limites slots remain available for the June event.

Visit track event for details and online registration.

Dave Nugent
[email protected]
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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