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7 Tracks in 7 days.

I am thinking of doing this. Car will be a modified Turbo MR-2 Spyder running in Touring 3.

Competition will be:
Audi S4
BMW M3 (E30)
Datsun 240Z/ 280Z
Honda S2000
Lotus 340R
Lotus Elise

Mercedes E55 AMG
Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon
Porsche Boxster
Porsche 914/6
Porsche 944 non-turbo
Subaru WRX
Toyota MR2 Turbo

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Randy... does this mean I can use the MK1.5?
Engines may be updated/backdated along the model line. For example, BMW M3 or NSX owners may use either 3.0L or 3.2L based powertrains
If not... Unlimited 4 looks good for the KSL..

oh but wait..
Closed Cockpit racecars not produced for highway use: GT2
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