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2006 Exige
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A bit of insight here to help @Harix. For those that may not know, Harry is a highly recommended repair destination for Eliges in So Cal. However, Harry may not have his fingers on the pulse of values as much as he is usually repairing them mechanically, not trading them.
The only thing I can "see" that looks odd to me is the base wheels on it and I believe Exiges never came them.

I ask, as I don't know, but are the 06 N/A Exiges identical to LSS Elises other than the clams? (Under the skin)
Yes, those wheels were only on the Elise.

Yes, they are pretty much the same except for a couple minor differences. You can tell this was/is an Exige because of the plastic piece below the rear window. The seats would obviously be different too, but we can't see those.

That thing is a right mess, but fixable. The plastic radiator is the least of that car's probs.
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