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I thought I would bounce this off of you guys to get your opinion. I recently had a header mounted on my car by one of the few places here in Indianpolis that I can take my car to. Prior to them mounting the header, I asked them for a quote, to which they gave me. I wasn't told that this was an approximation but that this is what it would cost...period, so no ball park estimate. I also had some other work done while I was there, so when I got the bill, I kind of glanced over it, paid and went on my way, partially b/c they were running over an hour behind on getting my car done and it was 6:30 already. Long story short, after looking at the bill, I was charged about 70 bucks more than they quoted me for the header.
Already the exhaust is making noise and sounds loose, and I have called twice re. the billing...Once the owner said he didn't want to get in the middle of it essentially, but he thought the extra cost was attributed to a couple bolts they had trouble with...(in my opinion poor service, let me waste more of your time Mr. Customer), then call # 2 was the shop manager didn't have time to discuss b/c he had to take his daughter to soccer, call #3 which was today sounded like this..."We're really busy, Terry is out sick, and Sarah the Administrative Asst. isn't in.

Bottom line is this, I think their customer service is a little pathetic and secondly the price was stated up front, but then changed...ummm bait and switch??? What happens when they quote me a price for an oil change, but they have trouble removing the dipstick???

Sorry for the long message.

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when i quote prices i try to get it as exact as i can, and if i am going to go over that number i call to verify it is ok. sorry to hear you had problems. I am in the chicago area, but if i can ever be of any help to you please feel free to contact me, i do work on several Lotus' in the indy area, and the members of C.H.I.L.L. (club house for indy lotus lovers) all know me if you want some refrences.

good luck,
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