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I live in orange county and I am looking to buy a lotus elise. I actually wanted to daily drive this and I been reading the various forums in regards to the Pros/cons. Background info, I am 28 and I know the limitations of the interior but I am single and I dont need anything fancy in the interior :D. My work is a 10 mile commute round trip. 1 hour south of LA so dont really get stuck on the i5, and if there is traffic I just take the toll road. I feel I can pull this car off as my daily commute. :grin2:

For me the most important thing is reliability. Seems exciting being so close to good roads to drive on the weekend, or down the coast highway. I am not interested in taking it to the track. I drive a boring automatic civic and this has always been my dream car.

I been looking for a good car but it seems they tend to sell a day or two before I finally decide to pull the trigger. :/

I been seeing this one and I was wondering what are people's thoughts when seeing this posting. Seems a little high priced but at the same time, seems very well taken care of. I am surprised he is not in the lotus talk. :confused:

I am not sure if there is a rule for attaching a link, if so sorry. Just wanting help buying an elise! Other questions I had was what tires would be recommended for daily commutes and canyon drives. Also its common to have to ship your Lotus so what shipping companies do you guys recommend and trust.

Thank you all for your help! :smile2:
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