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Orange County Elise Sighting

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Dear All:
I was driving through Freeway 133, otherwise known as Laguna Canyon Road earlier today when I saw TWO Elises on a flatbed. They were Racing Green and Chrome Orange, both with soft tops. Did someone take delivery today? Or were they heading towards a dealership?
- dechien
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Hmm that's a pretty roundabout way of getting to a dealership, there aren't any Lotus dealers in the immediate area. Nearest one would be Newport European, and they're much much closer to the 55 freeway than to Laguna Canyon/PCH etc. So where could they be headed ? Which direction were they going (to or from PCH ?)
Most likely Newport European. They are expecting 4 Elisi today per the sale manager. Interesting route, huh? Maybe the truck suspension was done by Lotus and can pull 1.04g on the skidpad as well. This would explain the "long road home" theory...
I just spoke with Dana at Newport European at 3:07 PM and he tells me that he hasn't gotten a demo yet. It's still "impending" and they have the invoices, but the physical cars themselves haven't landed yet.

They are expecting the demo + 3 customer cars in this delivery. Their first "shipment" (I think he meant "allocation") was for 21 cars through the end of December. With the delays in delivery, he felt that Newport European may deliver all 21 cars of the first allotment sometime early next year. The 2nd allotment might be ordered sometime toward the end of the year or next year and might see delivery about May or June. (Dana actually told me that his best guess might be this time next year.)

Interestingly enough, I've still not gotten a confirmed waiting list number, but Dana told me that I was #8 or #9 on the 2nd allocation list. Does that make me #29 or #30? Have people fallen off the list?


edit: changed "allotment" to "allocation" in 2nd paragraph
I wonder how many mile those cars would have on them. ;)
could they have been heading for the dealer in the desert?

Hey rtking:

I spoke to Dana as well today, and am #29 on the list, having already faxed in my specs this past March. My original understanding was that #1-10 were first called to spec out their cars, and then #11-30. I actually dropped from #31 to #29 due to some drop outs.

Dana was somewhat vague about the allocation so I'll have to rely on your data.

I always assumed that production continues whether delivery happens or not. I actually had hoped that they would continue to fax in the specs for customers down the list as time passes, but it seems like they're waiting for some arbitrary date in the future? If they haven't even faxed in our orders to Hethel, then perhaps we can still hope for further drop outs to expedite our quest?

Please keep us posted if you hear of anything else.


- dechien
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I saw the green one parked at the saturday morning car gathering at Crystal Cove.

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Oh wow, that's interesting to see the federal Elise at the Crystal Cove event - S2ka, did you talk with the person who brought the car ?

Also, it looks like that's the side lot area, does that mean the main lot was full of other cool cars ? I'd understood that this "unofficial" event had moved to the Lagunu Niguel/Dana Point area, but it seems that a lot of folks are still showing up here, which is cool ! :p
s2ka said:
I saw the green one parked at the saturday morning car gathering at Crystal Cove.

The picture almost looks like it's been modified in Photoshop. That car really stands out in that sea of neutral colored cars. Even the parking space lines are green. Are the cones blocking off the Chrome Orange section?
The Crystal Cove meet is still going strong, the landlords are back supporting it. There was, as always, a huge variety of incredible cars on display. Most notable, a silver Carrera GT sporting a baseball-mitt brown interior.

That Elise was in the side lot, I think it arrived after the 7:00am deadline to get in the main lot. The photo is not Photoshopped.
Hey that's great news about the CC meet. Thanks for the update !
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