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Ordered an Exige 240 today!

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I am glad to say that I will be joining you guys! I finally got the nerve to go to the Lotus dealership and pick up a car. I went in looking to get a used 07 Exige S, but ended up walking out with a down payment on a band-spankin-new red Exige 240! I am supposed to get the car next week, which means that I will probably not be sleeping for the next couple of days.

:panic::panic::panic:rotflrotflrotfl:nanner: :nanner: :nanner:
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What type of red?
Ardent Red (my fav color for the car)

As you can see, I am still getting into the Lotus lingo :D
Let the Mods Begin :D
I know that feeling... only it took almost 6 months to get mine!!! :p

I think the title of this thread may be misleading though...did you actually order a 240 or purchase one out of existing dealers stock? I don't think it is possible to order a 2009 any more - and even if you could, I don't think you could expect delivery in a few days. That process can take at least a couple of months.
The dealer is acquiring it from another franchise.
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