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ORE Bi-Xenons vs OEM Halogen Lights

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A lot of members asked for a side by side comparison between our projector set up and the factory set up. Any questions please post them here, I will do my best to answer them.

Our projectors are only rated for the 35W HID kits because of the sizing of the projectors. Running something higher will risk damaging the projectors.

We should be ready to do a group buy on these in the next week or so, we are in the final stages of finishing the wiring harness to make it easy as possibly for installation.

OEM Lotus Projectors (Low beam)

OEM Lotus Projectors (Hight Beam)

ORE Bi-Xenon Projectors (Low Beam)

ORE Bi-Xenon Projectors (High Beam)

Both ORE and Lotus (Low Beams)

Both ORE and Lotus (High Beams)

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Left is the Bi-Xenon the right is the Halogen
What is the heat difference like, and how would this affect the angel eyes on my car?
are your angel eyes LED based or CCFL? either way you should not have any issues. The headlight is big enough to keep the angel eyes cool with out having it becoming an issue to the projectors.
Led based with a 60mm ring for the low beams and 70mm for the highs.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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