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It would be very helpful if we could organize all technical info into a one thread and use it as a reference file.
LOOK how Corvette Folks did it:

Looks like they have solved this ANNOYING Photobucket intrusion into our pictures database:
"ALL photos (IPhone 4s and IPhone XR camera and Photo Transfer App) have been upgraded (Moved from Photobucket to CF Forum Albums) in this thread "

I'm not a web developer, but some of our Lotus Brothers are, PLEASE HELP.

Your thoughts?

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I don't believe there was any magic here - the Corvette photos appear to be manually (and painstakingly) updated for those reference posts.

This is from 2012 so the only way to 'solve' the issue is to manually download each photo (individually - I tried to do this in 2012 - they did NOT allow bulk downloading of your photos prior to the policy change). They deliberately made it difficult to rehost your photos. Why? You can guess why.

However, in 2020 they probably realized the drop in traffic to their site is hurting them - no other reason to revise the policy this year, but they did.
I predict they either will go out of business or get bought for the picture content for AI/ML use.

I did notice Photobucket revised their non-paid images - they are not blurry anymore but a huge PHOTOBUCKET HOSTED banner across the middle.

You would still have to manually update EVERY archive post if you wanted the pictures to be visible.

No magic bullet here, but feel free to correct me.

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I like all these fora, and they all have a lot to offer to the discerning Lotus enthusiast, beginner or experienced.
I really hope this one will not shut down.


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As much as I support MrDangerUS's idea, I think that it would be too much work to create, and then maintain.

Better to become familiar with SEARCHING techniques. Google can pinpoint topics or keywords in specific Forums, EX: LotusTalk: Esprit TPS Throttle Position Sensor

And, if you use this (and other Forum's) Advanced Search modes, you can define your inquiry by model, date, or by Discussion Starter.

Finally, it never hurts to just ASK. I have so many Bookmarks/Favorites that I need to ask my wife to find stuff for me (just like at home, LOL). Seriously, we all look for different terms and asking others to help works!

While we are at home Social Distancing, it is a good time to PRACTICE.
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