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Other shift light musings

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You might have read about my misfortune with the gas cap. Some have spoken that their shift light flickers when the revs are too low. I thought that was the case but was able to get it to continue flickering when I applied light pressure on the gas pedal to bring the revs up. Well, with the stuck gas cap came a more annoying shift light flicker. I was cruising at 65 to 70 mph in 6th and the light fluttered about. I had thoughts that it was related to a potential fuel system pressure sensor, etc. I dunno. I spoke to the Lotus tech today and he was saying that the shift light was supposed to be an intelligent one and maybe it was trying to tell me to upshift to get better fuel economy. Well, unless there's a 7th gear, I don't see that happening ;) But he did say he'd call up Lotus and ask...
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The elise has 6 gears! Holy &*[email protected] I had no idea. No wonder I could only get it to 135 mph!!! (joke)
My shift light doesn't come on(up to 8000 rpm's) and it's fine with me. I'm not about to mention it to the mechanic.....they might fix it!
It would be nice if someone from Lotus could describe the conditions that trigger the shift light.

We know the Alarm uses it for double-duty, that that seems very unlikely here (since the car is running and the light seems to follow the engine RPMs)

So what is the logic behind the light? Is it supposed to be a simple RPM band, or is it something to do with engine loading or fuel delivery?

Since it doesn't seem to be working like a shift light should (for some people), does that imply there is some other difference between their cars? I'd imagine the software in the ECU is identical on all the cars, so some sensor somewhere must be reading differently. Hmm...
As I heard one British gentleman say: "If it bothers you,put tape over it."
I haven't redlined mine, but I've had it up to about 7800 rpm. I've never seen it come on -- ever. (It does work for the alarm, tho.)
By applying the brakes you are sending a ground signal through the electrical system. I would bet there is a loose connnector or a bad ground some where in your elec sys..

Adam P
Mine still does it. Criswell said they checked it out, but in the interest of getting my car back to me within 48 hours of me dropping it off, they'd have to look into if further, later (like next time I'm in there for something). They told me that my engine, etc. was running fine.

The light just flickers randomly- but, yes, mostly at low rpm's (like below 4K).
pinmagic said:
I haven't redlined mine, but I've had it up to about 7800 rpm. I've never seen it come on -- ever. (It does work for the alarm, tho.)
Same with mine, never seen it on other thatn for the alarm and no flickering light while idling either.
I talked to my service department on the phone today. They didn't have any answer for me regarding the upshift light. They did say that a fix is in the works, Lotus knows about the problem, and it should be worked out soon. I guess we all need to hang in there. It's a bit annoying, but for me, hardly a crisis.
Just got the car back from the dealer for the gas cap and the after sales service. I spoke to the tech there and he said that Lotus is aware of the problem and is looking into it (no big news here). He did, however, also go on to say that my positive power cable was loose....not the battery terminal connection points but some place else. I guess he was familiar with this since that was the failure that hit Tech_KO early on. He said he tightened it and perhaps wondered if that was the source of the problem....
any chance you could call the tech and ask him where it's located? Might be worth checking ours.
So....drove the Elise home today...40 something miles. The shift light didn't flicker once! :) The only difference is the after sales service...and tightening of the positive cable section....
After this discussion I took my car out last night and took it past 8000 RPM and the Shift lght did come on at around 8200 RPM, the rev-limiter (does the Elise have one?) did not kick in. It kind of caught me by surprise how fast I got to it in 3rd gear on a long sweeping turn as I was more worried about the turn and didn't realize the revs were up that high. I think the light is set to work at 8200 RPM or so all the time. I think its sort of like the moving red line on the M3 but this one doesn't let you know that you are about to redline the car. It probably is ECU programable so that is good for those people who mod the car so they can change the setting so the shift light comes on earlier or later depending on the mods.
sorry about the double post.
I think the rev limiter kicks in at 8500 rpm?
There is a rev limiter :p When going on my trip this past Sunday, I got onto the highway and was supposed to meet up with my friend along the way to travel together. I was fumbling for my phone to call him when I saw this ugly yellow car coming up (my friend owns a Phoenix yellow E46M3) real fast. He said he saw me from way back and decided to hit it. Not to be out done, I downshifted (again, finding third real quick sucks) and floored it. Waited and waited for the cams to kick in and then they did and I was off. I was concerned with watching the mirrors and then thought, "Why has the acceleration stopped?" gear. Redline isn't 8500, it's actually past 8600. I have the data dump from the first after sales service and all five max revs readings were pretty up there.

O, btw, the Elise did fine in rolling acceleration tests compared to a modified E46M3 (3.91 gearset in the diff, software and intake that my friend claims he feels). If I hadn't buggered the 2 to 3 shift, I would have had him...hehe Surprisingly, my friend's S2000 also kept up, though he said he downshifted to 1st where I left it in 2nd as did my friend in the M3.
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The 8500 rpm limit is a transient (short term) limit, I think the steady state limit was closer to 8k.
The rev limiter seems to allow the engine to reach 8500-ish transiently, and then comes back down to a 8000 rpm limit. During my last track day the rear broke loose and the engine hit the limiter somewhere north of 8500 - I backed off of the gas to get traction back (down to 7500-ish) and then the limiter kicked-in at 8000. I wasn't sure if that was what was supposed to happen, but the next lap, same corner, same thing. So it definitely seems like a variable redline - you just have to guess where it will be at any given time.
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