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Overseas "Demo"

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For those of you waiting to drive the Overseas demo that was delivered last week- YOU HAD BETTER HURRY ON OVER!! I was told by one of the salesman who shall remain nameless that " since we got our demo so late, we have decided to SELL it in about 10 days to the highest bidder. No replacement demo is expected." @#$%$#@*?
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The car is saffron with the touring package. After all the reading I have done, the drive was a little anti-climactic. I was impressed with every aspect of the car except its power. However, I was not allowed to rev over 4,000 rpm so I did not get a good idea of the car's accelerative capability. The suspension/ride was similiar to my 1990 BMW M3. The steering was even more direct than my M3. Overall- I am very glad I'm on the list. I just wish I had ordered from San Antonio or Austin!

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I keep reading reports of people not being allowed over 4k.

There is no way you can really get a feel for the power of the car if someone stays under 4k.
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