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Overseas "Demo"

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For those of you waiting to drive the Overseas demo that was delivered last week- YOU HAD BETTER HURRY ON OVER!! I was told by one of the salesman who shall remain nameless that " since we got our demo so late, we have decided to SELL it in about 10 days to the highest bidder. No replacement demo is expected." @#$%$#@*?
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Why am I not surprised!
Robert thanks for the heads up. what color is the car, does it have lss and what did you think of it? gerry
The car is saffron with the touring package. After all the reading I have done, the drive was a little anti-climactic. I was impressed with every aspect of the car except its power. However, I was not allowed to rev over 4,000 rpm so I did not get a good idea of the car's accelerative capability. The suspension/ride was similiar to my 1990 BMW M3. The steering was even more direct than my M3. Overall- I am very glad I'm on the list. I just wish I had ordered from San Antonio or Austin!
I keep reading reports of people not being allowed over 4k.

There is no way you can really get a feel for the power of the car if someone stays under 4k.
I drove it a few days ago. Found out that the car and I are meant to be together :)
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