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Overseas Motors, Dallas

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Has anyone gotten any specific details from them on when there car is being produced or shipped or will be arriving? I am just wondering if I am the exception, or the rule.
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Hi, RacerX

I'm #26 at Overseas. I talked to Ron Pace last week, who was unaware of the John English letter recently posted on here. He was also unaware of any firm delivery dates, but he did expect to see their demo before the end of the month. I prefer to rely on English's letter, which states that the dealers should have demos by late this week, and which states that by the end of July dealers should know how many cars they will receive by the end of 2004.

Are you in Dallas? What have you heard from Cass or anyone else at Overseas? I know that their mechanic has been to Elise school, they have their Elsie parts in, and I have seen a front and rear clam shell in their parts warehouse.

Inch by inch.
They dont know anything

Hi Guys,

I am #9 and placed my order back in Jan.

I was told by Kass that Christine the GM is the only one that gets any information from Lotus. She was on vacation until last Tuesday. I called her about 5 times on Tuesday and Wednesday. She did not have the decency to return my call.

I sent Kass the letter from Lotus and proof that other people were getting Vin#'s and dates. He said he would put it in Christines inbox.

I still have not heard anything from them.

To be fair they seem to be sticking to the list, keeping prices at MSRP and have been polite everytime I talked to them. They just dont seem to know anything which is strange because other dealers do.

I did try to change my color choice way back in April when I found out Laser Blue was available - I was told No - but I am not confident they checked with Lotus as I know that other guys changed their color choice!

Christine seems to be the bottle neck!
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I am in the Dallas area. I heard the same information as you guys, not much. My salesperson is Kass (sp?) and he has been very pleasant and has made the effort to be more knowledgeable about the Elise than the other people I have spoken to. I think Christine is the only one I haven't talked with. I believe them to be trustworthy, but the lack of information when others have it doesn't help during the wait.

I am in the first batch. I thought 2 guys droppped off (moved later on?) the list, that were above me, for the lack of an limited slip differential option. Maybe they are still on. Since I have ordered the Sport Package, I am expecting some delay. I have no clue as to their allocation, so no telling when I will get my car.

It is unclear to me why they don't seem to have any information. Perhaps they do and have decided not to share for some reason. Or maybe even more troubling is that they don't have any information, that wouldn't bode well either. The lack of information and communication only leads us to speculate.

I just hope I hear something soon.
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It's their business to have the information, and you can be certain they're asking Lotus for it. Now that we know Lotus is sharing that information, it's pretty clear that any stalling and silence is their own choice.

You could try putting the squeeze on them. "Did you get this letter from John English? Let me fax you a copy.. No info from Lotus?! Why, let me call my contact at Lotus USA and see why they won't give it to you.." See if they squirm a bit and suddenly find the info under the pile on the desk.
As far as I know they are expecting the demo car on the 17th.

My sales rep Sam Hunter has been always very polite, but he didn't have any information relevant to delivery dates. He thought it was funny that their own website didn't mention anything about the Elise.

So even without trying (advertising etc...). Sales over word of mouth has done wonders for Lotus, enforced by car magazine articles later on.

Myself, I can't wait until the demo gets here, since IMO most people on the waiting list don't realize how tiny this car is. I'm way down the list, but I do expect a lot of people dropping when the cars gets here.

I don't know what allocation they have, but Sam told me a while back that they were expecting to get only 4 cars/month on the 1st 2 months, then 6 cars/month for the next two then 8-10. But I think that was speculation.

It's the 1st year with Lotus for them, Sam refered to it as "an experiment". They used to sell Maseratis a while back, until they decided to stick with Jaquar only. So if allocation is based on previous sales of Esprits, I wonder how that is going to affect us/them.

Anyway, I'm patient and if by the time I have to order I see a used one (since some people will buy it before realizing it's not for them) I probably will be able to save some $ and drop from the list after all the speculation goes away when the cars arrive.

Let's face it, there is a lot of built up hype because of the magazine articles, but a lot of people are going to be surprised on the size since you can't really tell by the magazine articles and we live in TX where everything has to be bigger :)

Can you tell i'm an eternal optimist?
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Rumor has

I've heard it from the Grapevine that tomorrow Overseas Motors are expecting a group of people from England!!

Could it be that they'll get the demo car and others tomorrow????

Could It Be!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

The cars might arrive later, but I'll imagine that those guys won't be coming tomorrow just to talk. Something is brewing!!!

I was # 51 or so but last time I checked they said I was around 46. Barbara was my salesperson but is no longer with them. I ordered Laser Blue, fully loaded. If anyone gets laser blue please let me know, I'd love to see it in person before I have to finalize my order.
I'm #6, touring pkg (no LSS) but still haven't heard any news other than probably end July early august, but this was a couple weeks ago. Now that Chris got his car everyday will be agonizing!
ITs true the demo arrives today

I called last night - its true the demo arrives today!

Wish I had Laser Blue! - You can check out Magnetic Blue when I get it...

#9 on the list

Thanks for confirming it Stephen. I guess I know what I'm going to do for lunch today.

Papadeux and then to Overseas to look at it :)

Did they tell you what color the demo is?

Unfortunately not.. Everyone had gone home except the receptionist....

I just called Kass - Saffron yellow and hardtop.

He said he did not know about the car coming in today - he was told the Lotus Rep was coming in but not the cars...

ummmm - mixed messages :no:
Bummer, well maybe next week.

Lotus Rep did not arrive on Friday. He is now scheduled for Monday.
So did the demo arrive Monday? It pains me to even call anyone at Overseas, I don't know how people can make a living selling cars and know so little about them.

(Initially told #44, then #50, then #46, then #44 at Overseas...who knows what it is now, other than a long wait)
On another thread someone posted that Overseas was getting their demo on Saturday? Has anyone else gotten the same information?

No info here, I did call last Friday and my sales rep told me he will give me a call when he knew anything. No call so far.

I'll call tomorrow if I don't hear from him, after all, I've only talk to my sales rep 3 times on the last 4 months.
I understand from Kass (sp?) that chances are good for delivery of a customer car and possibly a demo on Friday, July 26. This is not a guarantee, of course.
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I checked with Kristen and she said the allocation is still 80 cars for the 1st year. Should break down to roughly 6 cars per month after production is in full swing when the plant re-opens after their 2 week closure.
Thanks for the information, it is more than I have been able to get as far as any allocation information. Did she mention when their demo was shipped?
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