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Own Panoz Roadster 1999 Think on Evora

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I have owned a Panoz Roadster for 2 yrs now and thinking of a Evora?
My price to buy would be a 2010 or 2011 .
Never owned a fixed roof sports car and nervous.
But 63 and going out and getting caught in rain and Panoz never has seen
these conditions and do not want to ruin this history of the car.

So I have someone interested in Panoz and wanted to ask you who know
about Evora's if I was to sell and look for a 2010-11 Evora .
Anything special I need to look for in earlier models of concern?

I see prices 46k to 55k and at what mileage do these cars require
maintenance of concern Clutch ,pressure plate or any other item.
And Wife and I still not sure getting rid of Panoz is best .

Thank You Joe for any input on Panoz or Evora
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Maintinance for me in the past 34k miles has been near nothing. Basic fluids etc. There are a few things from the 10/11 that has all been mentioned here to check for - mainly things like the dash airbag cover warping, subwoofer not working, ECU needs to be updated to avoid a few things (dealer should have no issues doing that), etc.

They are very solid cars and I can't wait for my next track day - just under 2 weeks away.

Good luck in your hunt!

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Just curious, What model of Panoz do you have and what state are you in?
Met a guy from Canada and Naples FL that had one about a month ago who was in his 60's and was wondering if it was you.

I have a friend who has a AIG Roadster and he never drives with the roof on since it is a nightmare and the one time he had it on, it leaked. He used to have an Elise and also has a Backdraft Racing Cobra. The Panoz uses a Ford engine so parts and labor are reasonable. A clutch on an Evora is about 8 or 9 grand.

I was shocked by the wind on the Panoz, even with extended wind deflectors on the side of the car, it is like being in a wind tunnel when you are going over 60 on the highway. Also it is harder to get into than the Lotus.

The ride on the Evora is stiffer than that of the Panoz in my opinion so the car handles a lot better. In FL a lot of the Evoras had problems with the dash cracking or expanding due to the heat. The chrome on the Panoz shock and bumpers rusts easily due to salt air, but their isnt any chrome on the Evora. However parts are cheap for the Panoz and you can call Danny or one of the guys at the factory and they have enough parts in stock to build several additional cars, or tell you where they sourced the part from if it was a common part on another brand of car.

Also Panoz is coming out with new models that will basically be the same as the models they made in the past, and their prices are going to be insanely high. So if you hold on to yours, someone might want to buy it in a year or two since it is 1/4 of what the new ones are going to be going for.

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Clutch jobs are not anywhere near 8 to 9, read posts of those that had them not those that speculate. Intro '10s has some issues, but most have now had things fixed. Current availability of some "new" '11s brought back into us by lotus with 2 year warranty and decent prices.

Edit addition: While you mentioned 10/11 models, I concern with post below that a 12 or newer gives lots of subtle and significant improvements and while the S is a luxury for some, it does add to the enjoyment. My early edition 12 has been near trouble free and definitely no more problems than some brand name trouble free cars.

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As I was shopping for an Evora over the last couple of months, I learned they made quite a few improvements in 2012, thus I found and bought my brand new 2012 Evora S three weeks ago from a dealer in New Jersey. There were two Evoras S (blue 6 speeds) for sale out at two west coast dealers (San Diego & Newport Beach). The one in SD is a brand new 2011 ($69k) with full warranty and the one in Newport Beach is used 2011 (3k miles) with some warranty left ($64k). If you can afford it, go for an "S" model, they just have so much more power and you won't regret spending a little more to get the extra options it comes with. They definitely draw attention everywhere you go. Success! :UK:

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Thank You for responses. The Panoz AIG Roadster and live in NJ and has never seen Rain.So with that said I have tried to keep it and have in 2 yrs never driven it in bad weather.So trying to keep my investment close to what I paid for it when I go to sell it.
And mileage the same for 1999 Panoz it had 4600 miles and I have 6200 now in 2 yrs of owning it.And yes the wind at 55mph is a wind tunnel with wing windows.You have to drive with your arm out to drive it .That is the Truth! I have a 3 wheel Triking with Moto Guzzi power and fun to drive but with 32" high 10 'long and 5' wide and NJ traffic and know one paying attention when you drive it you have to wonder if you will make it home. So I was thinking of and luv the Lotus Evora and selling the Panoz and Triking to purchase Evora. But it hit me that I would be in same situation of worrying about it and trying to keep it in New condition during my ownership of rain,someone hitting it driving or parked.So have decided to go get a cheap Honda s2000 roadster already driven in rain LOL and not worry about it ..Do any of you go through this Anal thoughts of owning your cars during ownership????Thank You joe
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