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I put in a new motor that was fully rebuilt and it's throwing the p1302 & 1301 codes. The cam shafts were ground and polished during this. I put in new plugs but they didn't have iridium plugs so I got the best NKG plugs I could get. Could this be my problem? There is a noticeable tick to the motor but I was assured this would go away after I get a few miles on it.

Any insight to this?

Here is the rebuild list:
- New pistons
- New piston rings
- New rod bearings
- New main bearings
- New wrist pin bushings
- New oil pump
- New thrust bearings
- New head bolts
- New rear main seal
- New valve guides
- New valve seals
- New frost plugs
- New lifters.
- New oil pump

Engine and head cleaned

- Surfaces renewed by milling
- Blocks bored and honed
- New pin bushings installed
- Crank shaft ground and polished
- Cylinder heads pressure tested
- Cam lines checked
- Heads checked for thickness
- 3-Angel valve grind


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I am bumping this because I am curious as to what happened too.

Anyway , Good to see you got it all back together. I will have to come by and see it sometime soon. Hope you get this problem solved

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