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i am trying to figure out what the OEM pads are for the Sport 260 with AP Racing/Brembo brakes.

This is what I've found on the forum so far:

U1587/U2593: Regular front brakes ~$188
U1682: Brembo rears (all cars) ~$217 (OEM P/N A128J6000F)

From other searching:
U4349 (16mm): Older style big brake (CP7600) (OEM P/N A120J6011S)
U8076 (14.4mm): Newer style for the CP7635 caliper ~$403 (OEM P/N A128J0003S)

can anyone confirm this? the only place that sells them all together is BWR (Pagid RS 14 Black Front Brake Pads, Lotus Brakes - Blackwatch Racing) but they don't offer part numbers on the site.
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