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Paint for Engine Cover

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Does anyone on here know of a good paint for respraying the top of the engine cover? Mine is really scuffed up. Thanks!
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On my '88, the cover is done in a bumpy "Hammerite" finish. So if it's the OE look you want, you need to consider more than just color. (or Colour :rolleyes:) Texture is important, too.

Black Hammerite was available from Home Depot a few years ago when I repainted some other bits on my Esprit. It came out looking "Factory". :coolnana:

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If you check your local area for a professional auto body supply, they should have a textured coating in a spray can you can use to duplicate the finish. Its like a light grainy finish, sorta like 1000 grit sand paper, maybe finer. You can almost make it finer and coarser by how you spray it. I bought that product once or twice in the past, its usually black or grey, then you just paint it the color you would like over top. I considering using it on my engine cover, because the color of it looked old compared to the new black carpet I put on the left and right inside the sail panel window areas.
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