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painting spoiler diy or paint shop

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Hi everyone I just picked up a my2010 spoiler for my chrome orange Elise, my question is should I go ahead and just paint it myself or take it to a shop to have it painted?

The uprights are the only part that will be color matched. The wing itself will be gloss black. The reason I ask is because I want it to last and I'm worried that if I paint it myself it will start peeling after a while. That and I don't have very much experience painting

Any advice helps, thanks
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If you have a good place to paint and the necessary tools, I say go for it. Paint is 90% prep work, do some YouTube research and paint a few things around the house (cereal boxes, 2 liter bottles) to get a feel for it before diving in on the spoiler. Wet sanding & buffing is an acquired skill, don't get too crazy you're first time out.
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