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Park/Brake light

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OK, so my "Park/Brake light" (NOT the ABS) is on. Brakes work as good as ever..

It came on a few months ago then stopped.

Ran Freescan and Espritmon, didnt see anything odd though could not see in either where it would show ABS codes or what not. In Freescan there were no codes on that tab showing.

FYI.. I do not use the park brake, when I park I always do so on flat surface and leave in gear as I find the park brake a PITA to disengage...

Here is a screen shot of one of them I logged while running the software, if helpful let me know and I can email to you..

Maybe just the park brake handle switch bad?

dont hear the ABS pump cycling on and off like I hear of others with issues with it..


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The brake tell tale indicates one of three things:

Hand brake on
Brake fluid low
Accumulator pressure below 1800 psi

IIRC the handbrake and brake fluid low level switches are normally open and close to illuminate the tell tale so disconnecting them will reveal if one of them is the problem.

The accumulator pressure switch is normally closed unless the pressure drops below 1800 psi but the signal goes through the lamp driver module (which is basically a solid state relay) to invert it. Espritmon will indicate if this is he cause of the tell tale being illuminated.

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I know you said you don't work the handle when parking, but I've had the wire to the parking brake switch break off, illuminating the lamp.

To inspect, you have to peel up the interior carpet on the doorsill, the switch is at the base of the PB assembly. Inspection is easier if the drivers seat is removed...and heck, you MIGHT find some loose change under it! :D
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