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I had a very detailed conversation with my rep, Tim Mills at Park Place yesterday because of an email I sent him requesting information on MSRP, Dealer add-on fees etc.

I sent the email because I know others have said bad things about Park Place and I was getting a bit worried.

Tim again assured me that my contract for MSRP means exactly that. They will honor the contract no if's and's or but's. This is coming from the owner of the company and their desire to treat their customers fairly.

We talked about people dropping off the list and what would happen to these spots. Tim said that they had not decided what to do with these spots. Either they would 1) move everybody up or 2) sell those cars with any market mark-up they could get. But no decision has been made at this time.

I expressed my feelings on the subject. I don't have a problem with a mark-up on a dropped spot. If I wanted to move up and pay above MSRP I could do so just as someone walking off the street and getting lucky. Also, it would be unfair to me (as a waiting list waiter) for Park Place to sell this dropped spot to someone walking off the street without a markup and I would expect either a mark-up or that Park Place just moved everyone up a spot. He agreed that this would be the best way to treat these situations but again that Park Place has not made a decision yet.

Bottom line, is that I know some people have had a bad experience with these guys but every conversation I have had has been extremely honest and I can say that I recommend them at this point.
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