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Bryan, TX

Not really parting out a car, but restoring my '68 FHC. Here are some parts not going back on it if anyone wants them. Can supply photos. Car has sat since '74, 38k miles on it so things should be in good condition (the cranks, pan and head are from other cars).

original wheels (no visible cracks but then the car is low mileage)
glass bowl fuel pump
25D distributor
air filter box
intake manifold (crossover pipe emmision style)and pipes
exhaust manifold (with crossover pipe chamber)
4 blade, two piece fan
lower side chrome strips that run the length of the car (and clips)
hood latch hardware (cable cut, but everything else good)
voltage regulator

also have a a couple cranks, stromberg head and rope seal baffled/hinged/winged oil pan for sale.
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