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Parting out a 1999 Esprit (3,500 miles)

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I have a 1999 Lotus Esprit with 3,500 miles on it that I am starting to disassemble.

If you are interested in any of the parts, send me an email. (see below)
*** PLEASE DO NOT PM ME - my message box on here fills up too fast ***

I purchased the vehicle because I needed some parts for my 1997 Esprit. I got what I needed and I'm either going to sell off what I don't need or store it for future needs.

The car is located in Pennsylvania, USA

I would prefer to ship in the states or Canada...but let me know if you really need something and are outside the country.

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Engine bay panel

I'm looking for an engine bay trim panel, right (passenger) side, just below the quarter windowm for an 1988 Esprit-think the parts are common.

The PO lost it, must have been a hard day for him!

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