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This might be worth knowing for future customers:

Von: Stefan Böhm
Gesendet: Montag, 16. Februar 2004 15:18
An: '[email protected]'
Betreff: Complaint ! - Lead times of Elise S1 body assembly

Dear Neil,

I have to complain severly about Lotus' attitude towards
loyal customers !

For the record: I own one Eclat, one 340R, two Elises and
the one and only Lotus Lada. You may call me an enthusiast.
But I am not really sure how long still !

In September 2003 I crashed my Elise and had to order a
S1 LHD body assembly (part no A111A0229J) through Brandes &
Dschuedow, Muenster. Two weeks before that, I bought a wrecked
Elise for which I ordered a S1 LHD body assembly (part no
A111A0229J) as well - this one through Auto Koenig, Munich.

So for the record: TWO body assemblies on order since mid of
September 2003 !

As I am quite aware of the poor flow of information between
Lotus HQ and the German dealers, I phoned the factory
several times to get a status for the parts.

Sep 2003: "the chassis will be delivered in 2 or 3 weeks".

Oct 2003: "the chassis are on back order and will be delivered
Nov 30th"

Dec 2003: "yes, the chassis were delivered, you should have
them by the end of December"

Dec 2003: "the windscreen frames are on back order, we'll need
two or three more weeks"

Jan 2003: "all parts are here right now, but we do not have
the time to assemble them"

Feb 2003: "mid of February"

today: "4-6 weeks"

WHAT THE HELL DOES LOTUS THINK ? Could you please give me an
official statement of this whole affair as well as information
re a binding delivery date. I am really fed up with waiting
month for month and delaying appointments with the paint shop
as well as the work shop.

This is the very best way to gain a lot of bad press !
It might be very worth knowing for your potential US customers
that parts supply is a definite no-brainer. Not only that
aftersales is just not able to get out parts in decent time
(may I remind you of issues re non-deliverable crashboxes,
clam shells and so on). They are putting on their customers re
lead times again and again ! Not to mention the ridiculous
affair concerning the footwell corrosion !

Hello Lotus - please get your things straight. I do love Lotus
cars, but I hate the way customers are dealt with. And even
being a very enthusiastic Lotus fan, I am starting thinking
about Nobles and TVRs.

I would like to inform you that this is an open letter which
I intend posting to all major Lotus-related internet BBSs as
well as sending it to major car magazines. I do think your
customers need to know how badly Lotus treats them after
having sold a car to them.

Awaiting your answer. And AWAITING THE BODY ASSEMBLIES.

Kind regards,

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Stefan said:
do you really think they have started building them yet ? *LOL* !
Lets talk about this again in June :D :D :D
If I read your letter to Lotus correctly (if it takes that long for a body) they must have started building our cars by now:D

2005 Elise

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Nice try, but... probably sorry for you ;)
The January statement "we do not have time to assemble the S1 bodies" might refer to the European demo 111R's which were built at that time. NOW they should be clogging together customers 111Rs, but I bet high sums that production of Federal Elises will start end of March earliest.
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