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Parts List & Service Manual - got it !

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I just took delivery of the ordered documentation. I wanted to get them for a project though not really knowing what will be in the ordered folders - Elise 111R, FedLise or Exige data.

the folder's wrapping suggests: everything. Elise 111R, "Elise NorthAmerica" (*LOL* what a typ name) and Exige.

The folders are *VERY* incomplete at this point of time, 50% of the parts list are missing, the service manual is quite thin as well. No definitive mentioning of the FatLiz yet, but a lot of useful tech data. Dealers are asked *NOT* to distribute the folders until the next issues are delivered - so don't really know why I got mine (some Lotus mis-organisation again).

paid > 300 EUR for these two :eek: