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So I realized a while ago that my passenger door is sagging. When the door closes, it hits the striker pin and rides UP onto it. In fact, just a quick visual inspection when the door is nearly closed, the rear of the door is very tilted DOWNWARDS.

I have loosened the three bolts on the door/hinge area and tried adjusting that even though I knew that doesn't really make sense to do. Figured I give it a go. But it seems like the real solution is to adjust how the actual hinge is attached to the chassis --- by loosening the four bolts that fasten the hinge mechanism. Problem is you can't access those bolts without taking off the front clam. I puzzled over it for way too long last night before concluding that it's just something I'm gonna have to do when the front and rear clams come off for some minor repairs at some point in the far future.

Unless, that is, someone else has been able to do adjust the angle of the hinge mechanism without taking the clam off. If so... DO TELL!

Oh and a picture of my car for attention cuz a thread is clearly worth more with photos.

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