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yes and no.

there are several key elements.

it can't be obvious. Matt already mentioned that. The combination can't already be disclosed/used/known.

Also when you're dealing w/ other parts (likely already patented), your patented vehicle may only be made w/ someone else's patented parts. That won't happen. They'll enforce their patent to keep you from using their parts. That will cause you to license from them, etc...

Maybe a "method" patent is more what you have in mind.
ie. a Method of making a vehicle?

There is hardly anything out there that won't draw an obviousness rejection from a patent examiner.

It may be better to get the patent on just the new/novel part OR the method to assemble the vehicle.

Vehicles just aren't obvious.

Obvious test - combine all the references in the field, if an expert in the field would think it's obvious having all the references in front of him, then it's obvious.

HOpe this helps, feel free to email me for more specific info.

No I'm not a patent lawyer. Yes in 9 months I will be.

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