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PB Racing of Italy has announced intentions to enter a race-spec Lotus Evora in the 2010 FIA GT Championship. A well known Lotus dealer in Italy, PB Racing also organizes the Italian Lotus Cup racing series and has been racing Lotus cars for more than 10 years.

While not much progress has been made at this point, PB Racing will begin track testing the Evora this summer.

Speaking with, Stefano d’Aste (owner of PB Racing) remarked: “Tutte le vetture Lotus nascono già con uno spirito racing, grazie al telaio rigido ed al peso davvero contenuto. Grazie anche all’ottima base motoristica da cui è possibile ottenere una gran quantità di cavalli, il progetto secondo noi potrà darci grandi soddisfazioni. Siamo ancora agli inizi ovviamente, ma pensiamo che quanto stiamo realizzando possa diventare altamente competitivo nel GT FIA e nelle principali gare di durata. Abbiamo già le idee piuttosto chiare su come procedere, speriamo di poter scendere in pista con la nuova vettura ad estate inoltrata per programmare una serie di test che ci possano preparare al meglio per gareggiare l’anno prossimo”.

Or translated by Google language tools into English: “All Lotus cars are born already with a racing spirit, thanks to the rigid frame and the weight really content. Thanks also excellent base from which engine you can get a lot of horses, the project will give us great satisfaction. We are obviously still in its infancy, but we think that what we are building to become highly competitive in the FIA GT races in major and lasting. We already have quite clear ideas about how to proceed, we hope to take to the track with the new car for summer to plan a series of tests that we can prepare better for the race next year”.
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