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I was advised by a mod I should make a new thread about this, so that the release of this PDF isn't buried after a few pages of now-irrelevant drama:

I finished my guide on how to change the AC condenser on an Evora (and Evora 400). I put the digital version up for free here: Lotus Evora

From the beginning I wanted this to be a nicely printed hard copy guide too; I simply prefer using them while working on a car and I like how they look on my shelf. I'm only selling these hard copies on eBay, though, as I've been told that the forum's existing policies prevent that kind of solicitation from non-vendors. As I only have a few of these to sell, I wouldn't be able to justify becoming a full blown vendor. Thus I won't link to it here.

Anyway, I hope this helps some people have an easier time with this somewhat common problem. As always, let me know on the forums or over e-mail if you have any comments, questions, criticism, etc.

agentdr8 has already pointed out one very good addition:

EDIT: Looking over your guide, and it's very well laid out. I would add another step or add some wording to section 4.4, between steps 4 and 5. After starting the car, before disconnecting the battery, you should wait at least 30 mins for all systems to properly shut down.
which I'll certainly add to Revision B
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