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It's done.
Deposit paid.
1 Stage.
Over 3 times the budget.
Utilizing a $1.7 MILLION dollar sound system.
Showcasing a professionally edited DVD on 4 Daktronic Screens.
Over 60,000 square feet of show space.
Every piece of lighting equipment our contracted company owns.
This show will present an experience that should put us on the national car show scene.
It is all happening and YOU are invited.

Perfect 10 2008
August 16th
Fargo, ND

This year will bring a whole new makeover for P10. We will be taking a grassroots method of advertising, and looking for the best of everything. The past P10 shows have showcased many of the same vehicles. We would appreciate the continued support from these individuals, and now have the space to obtain about 100 more cars to the show. We are looking for representatives from Minneapolis (and surrounding areas), Winnipeg, Bismarck, Minot, Sioux Falls, Bemidji, and Aberdeen to help take charge and help organize attendees for the show. We will supply you with any information flyers/posters that you need, we just need people to full heartedly distribute it. If you plan to attend any car shows/races/event over the spring or summer and would like to help talk to as many people face to face about P10, we would like to hear from you. We are currently taking applications for:

Go-Go Dancers ([email protected])
Models ([email protected])

Vendor Booths ([email protected])
Feature Cars ([email protected])
Car Clubs ([email protected])
Interested in being a rep for your area? ([email protected])

We understand that for interest in P10 to continue, we need to keep the show fresh. We have been studying different nationwide shows, and what makes them successful. We have just purchased a website that will give all necessary information related to the P10 show. Once the site has been finished, I will update with the location and further information.

August 16th, 2008.....Perfect 10 Car Show will invade the Fargodome. Plan ahead now.

Be there.

Jason Christopherson
Perfect 10 Show Coordinator

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Tintmasters Perfect 10 Show 2008 :: August 16th is now live and ready for everyone to start printing/sending applications. With 60,000 sq ft available to us, we are seeking as many entrants as possible. In the past years, we had to turn late entries away, and this year it is MORE important to NOT wait until the last minute, as the Fargodome REQUIRES us to give a list of cars 7 days before the event. That makes August 9th the cutoff for those that wish to enter their car. As always, we promise AMAZING trophies, women, music, and fun. The addition of the after party this year is going to be a 'Perfect' ending to the Perfect 10 show!

So go to Tintmasters Perfect 10 Show 2008 :: August 16th, print off the show application, and send it with a check/money order to:

4201 Main Ave
Fargo, ND 58103

After you have sent your application, please email us at: [email protected] letting us know you have sent an application. We will keep an eye on all emails/entries to ensure a smooth roll in on the day of the show, and also have direct contact with you if any questions arise.

Thanks again to everyone for the interest in the Perfect 10 Show, and if you know of anyone that hasn't entered into the Model Search, but would like to, please have them send their information along with a few clearly visible, large pictures to: [email protected].

Jason Christopherson
Perfect 10 Show Coordinator
[email protected]

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Thank you to EVERYONE that has sent in their applications. We are well on our way to filling the Fargodome! Here are a few cars that have entered (for those that are looking for the quality of the vehicles at the P10 Shows). For those that haven’t sent in their application yet, DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! You don’t want to miss this years show! Any questions, please email [email protected].


Jason Christopherson
Perfect 10 Show Coordinator
[email protected]

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Well…here is the cherry on top of the show. Introducing our feature HOST and models, Tianna and 1-2 other Prestigious Models via Tianna has a HUGE list of accomplishments, and that is why we made her our choice for Miss Perfect 10 2008!

Here is her past experience:

*Nick Cannon’s Dime Piece Search
*Late Night Strip

*The Game Plan Waitress Walt Disney Productions

*Hampton Beach House Promo MTV Production
*Superbowl XXXVVIII “Chose to Vote” MTV Productions
*New York Rangers Cannon Girl Brooklyn Brothers Productions
*Whitest Kids You Know Fuse TV/ Scion
* Promo
*Octane TV Promo
*HINTV Promo
*Boost Mobile Promo

*Speedfreak Inc Caledndar
*Aveda Hair Products Hair Model
*HJM Photograhy Ad Model
*Import Tuner Magazine
*Essynce Photograhy Fashion Model
*Xi Ling Shi Fashion Model
*Maxim Magazine
*The Pulse Magazine Cover Model
*Serene Comfort Fashion Model
*Give Kids a Fighting Chance Ring girl/Model Budweiser/WPD
*Miss Moto Candy Finalist
*Red Hot Girl Finalist
*Carry the Zero CD cover
*2006 MTV Video Music Award Seat Filler/Extra
*XS Magazine
*FHM online Sexy Sports Fans
*Models Studio Fashion Model
*Elegance by Carbonneau Wedding Catalog
*N.E. Sports Bike Calendar
*Erb Photography Fashion model
*WAAF “Babe of the Week”
*Maxim/Coors Light Model
*Studio AMD Print Ad
*FHM online Digital Darlings
*Hot Import Nights Tour Model 2007
*Prestigious Models Tour Model 2007, 2008
*Boost Mobile Tour Model 2007, 2008
*Nirva Designs Fashion Model
*Capristan Swimwear Fashion Show 2007, 2008
*Sticky Groove Magazine Model
*Sanford Sound Model
*Dsport Magazine (Nov. 2007) Cover
*Airsplat Featured Model/ Ad Campaign
*2008 Exotic Imports Calendar January Model
*Kiki Corona Clothing Model
*Tila Tequila’s Playgirls (Barcelona) Model
*Barstool Sports Magazine Cover
*El Chunche Magazine (Costa Rica) Cover
* (November 2007) Girl on Film
*Nippon Oil (SEMA 07) Model
*Nippon Oil (PRI 07) Model
*BSN N.O. Explode Ad Maxim Magazine
*Tila Tequila’s Playgirls (London) Model
* (January 2008) Girl on Film
*The Arnold Classic BSN
Interviews/ Features:
*The Pulse Magazine January 2007
* January 2007
*Speedfreak Inc January 2007
* March 2007
*Asian Scene Magazine April 2007
* April 2007
*The Pulse Magazine June 2007
*Barrio 305 July 2007
*Boost Mobile/ HIN July 2007
*D Sport Magazine September 2007
*WWSMag.Com October 2007
*Covino & Rich Maxim Radio October 2007
*Prestigious Models feature October 2007
*Barstool Sports Magazine October 2007
*Maxim.Com October 2007
*Barstool Sports Magazine November 2007
* November 2007
* November 2007
*The Pulse Magazine January 2008
*Covino & Rich Maxim Radio February 2008

Music Videos:
*Living Syndication- “Hold” Girlfriend February 2007
*Don Omar, Chino and Nacho-“Dentro de Mi” Main Character March 2008

*Boost Mobile- 2007 & 2008
*Fantasy Fitness- 2007
*Nippon Oil- 2007
*Capristan Swimwear 2007 & 2008

*Fantasy Fitness.Com (Honolulu, HI December 2007)
*Formula Drift, (April 2008)

With that being said, we would like to welcome her as the MC for the P10 show AND After Party as well as our Feature Model. She will be up on stage go-go dancing, signing pictures, and taking pictures with anyone/everywhere. We also are in the process of hiring a professional film crew to come in and tape the show/Tianna and hope to have the edited film available for sale after the show!

We are bringing it big, and with that, I give you Tianna Ta:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Jason Christopherson
Perfect 10 Show Coordinator
[email protected]
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