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Petition for Type 25 paint

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If you WILL order your Elise with the Type 25 paint scheme if it is made available for the Federal Elise, AND you are willing to pay a reasonable premium (say $500) for it, please post to this thread with your name and the name of the dealer where you have placed a deposit. Please do not post if you are even a little undecided about it. If a reasonable number of us are willing to give a firm commitment, I will pass this along to Lotus USA. (Perhaps a member of the COM will advise me on the right person to contact.)

I'll start with myself:

Ed Joyce
Downtown Jaguar-Lotus
Minneapolis, MN
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Clyde Sheperd is your man at Lotus. You can reach him: [email protected] He was our (COM) inside man at Lotus. Of course it helped that he wanted CO as well.

I completed an MBA and MIM at Univ. of St Thomas. Do you happen to teach there? I lived in StPaul for 10 yrs while working for 3M.
Babak Marefat
Deposit at Behlmann Midrivers, St. Peters, MO
I'm in Topeka, KS
I think as mentioned earlier, we should lobby for a 'racing stripe option' vice a type 25 option. I think numbers would be higher, and Lotus would avoid irritating all its 'heritage' model customers. It would also give them the eventual ability to release the real heritage models here in the US later. That said, though, I will definitely get racing stripes if offered.

Cade Wilson
Deposit with Autostrada of Austin, TX
I'm in Norfolk, VA
Get some vinyl cut and make your own stripes - probably alot cheaper....

I posted this on a related thread, but will repeat it here as the goal of this thread is the same -

Unless someone has a better idea to get this done, we could try the following -

If you are interested in racing stripes, send me an e-mail at [email protected] with your plea to Lotus. It would probably be more convincing if you include your name and where you have a deposit. When I get enough e-mails I can print them out and fedex them with a cover letter to the appropriate people at Lotus (If anyone has names/addresses of who that may be, please let me know). This isn't meant as something that would obligate you to get the stripes if you were to change your mind, but just to let them know how many people would seriously consider it and hopefully convince them to offer it...


I have gotten a few responses so far and can consolidate names with ElisED if that would help....Maybe it would be better to have a thread titled "racing stripes" to find more people who are interested...
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The folks at Lotus Sport told me to just say no to vinyl. I for one will take a Type 25 (first choice) or will take a LRG with metallic yellow stripes (second choice) if either of them were options. I want a factory paint job since those look the best and when you run your hand across the car you can't feel the stripes.

Andrew Loomis
Deposit at Autostrada
Someone mentioned doing a silver w/ titanium stripes... or was it titanium w/ gunmetal stripes?

Eiter way, I think I dig it. Put me down. (Dark O.Z. wheels too!)

Count me in. Type 25 for me please:)

The reason I bought up the Heritage cars is because Lumnr8 said that on his visit to the factory they mentioned that if we want Heritage cars we should bring it up now. So that's what I'm doing.

After the tour, we went back to the control tower to wait for our turns on the track. We had three instructors; Alastair McQueen, Hyla Breese and Tony Parramint. While I was waiting for my turn, I talked to Annette about the US car. She is very excited about the Elise in general, and was particularly enthusiastic about the Federal version. She also stressed the point that now was the time to be talking to LCU about getting the Heritage versions over here, or at least getting stripes as an option (I told her about my passion for the Type 25).

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Excuse my ignorance, but what's Type 25 paint? Anyone have a photo or link? Thx.
type 25

For more info on it try this site...
Ick. I hate it, even considering its historical context. The paint just doesn't fit the lines of the Elise. As Jesse James would say "I don't care if it's history. If it looks like crap, trash it."
transio said:
Ick. I hate it, even considering its historical context. The paint just doesn't fit the lines of the Elise. As Jesse James would say "I don't care if it's history. If it looks like crap, trash it."
That's fine, we don't want all the Elises to look alike.:)
type 25

As my father would say, that is why there are menus in restaurants...
Doesn't fit the lines? Heretic!!! Burn him!!! uh... whoa. sorry.

I think it's the most beatiful paint scheme I've seen out of lotus, including the tiger stripes.


Lotus (and their dealers) should realize that besides being able to charge extra for stripes, I will bet that nearly everyone who would order stripes would also order the hardtop to complete the look of the stripes...thus more profit for them and everyone is happy....
probably doesn't help your cause but I'd pay extra for type 49 paint.
Type 49 really looks good on this body as well, the gold stripe between the two tones matches the gold wheels very very nicely.
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