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Pics of my Exige

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I love your car. It must be a blast to drive. Thanks for sharing.

When are you gonna drop in the 230hp block?
Thanks for the comments, I really like the car, best car I have owned for track use! I like the house a lot more since I built a 3rd garage with a lift in it!

The 230hp motor is going in now, maybe I'll get it done this week. I'm slow:)

I love that car

I like the way that Exige looks. I think it's because it reminds me of the Porsche GT1 that I wish I could afford.

What's your take on the apparent lack of LSD in the Fed cars?

Nice car, BTW.

I'm a fan of LSD and just installed it on my car. That being said, I can't say it really needed it at 190hp unless it was wet. The rear end stays hooked up pretty well without it. I only put it in because I had the trans apart anyway and am upgrading the motor...

Most people agree that it isn't needed unless you go above 200hp.
It is needed in autocrossing. There is no doubt about it. You can do some crazy things to your car's setup to mitigate inside rear wheel spin, but without a good LSD, you are going to be slower. That is my experience even in 130hp cars.

Autocrossing is a whole different deal than road racing. My car doesn't get light on the insider rear on the race track, but it'll lift off in autoxing.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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