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Pics of Super car Saturday 5/3?

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Anyone have pics of Super car Saturday 5/3?
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No pics. I counted 8 loti total. 3 exige, 4 elise.
Couldn't go. Had to go to graduation/convocation ceremonies this weekend.
A few of us where there. 3 Exige, 4 Elise from what we saw.

I dropped my phone so didn't get great pics, but Pandora and EMan may post some.

There were TONS of cars. Nice day and first one - I think cabin fever got the cars out. There were a ton of NSX and GTRs.


- A silver Porsche Carrera GT
- A yellow Honda 1600 - it's about half the size of a mini.
- there was a red Ferrari 599 GTO. There was also a new red Stingray. Those cars look EXACTLY alike.
- Some douche in a Mustang burning out and swerving - in the parking lot.
- A guy in a white 911 Carrera doing 130 easily on 355 north on the way home

The best?

A yellow 458 Italia with this plate:

PAN T DRP :) And he added small vinyl 'ER' letters at the end so it said:


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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