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I have a used, but 100% working pioneer satellite unit, with the antenna included. These were ~$100 new, I'll sell it for $40 shipped, $30 local.

Description stolen from Crutchfield:

Pioneer GEX-P910XM XM Digital Satellite Radio Tuner at

You can join the millions who enjoy the amazing variety of XM Satellite Radio. If you already own a Pioneer CD receiver with XM tuner controls, you can add XM Satellite Radio capability with the GEX-P910XM tuner module. Connect the GEX-P910XM tuner module, install an XM-compatible antenna (required, not included), and you're ready to subscribe to XM Satellite Radio. (The XM tuner is also compatible with many Pioneer changer-controlling receivers — see Key Features below.)

XM offers digital-quality music, news, sports and entertainment, anywhere in the lower 48 states. (Subscription required — service not available in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories.)

The tuner module has a small footprint, and comes with plenty of cabling, so you'll have lots of installation options for mounting it. If you connect it to a 2003 Pioneer XM-compatible receiver, the receiver will display 16 characters of song, artist, and channel information. Tune in to XM with your Pioneer receiver, and let 21st century radio take you away.

XM tuner module (must be connected to Pioneer CD receiver with XM tuner controls)
the XM tuner is also compatible with any Pioneer receiver with all of the following: 1) the letter "P" in the model number; 2) a "Function" or "F" key; and 3) an 8-letter character display — connection of the XM tuner does not disable your receiver's changer controls
XM channel, program, artist, or song name displays on Pioneer receiver's 16-character readout (2002 and older models display 8 characters)
cabling for connection of module to Pioneer receiver
tuner module: 8-11/16"W x 1-1/8"H x 6-1/4"D
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